Burnie the Sundog

Burnie.jpgMascot Art.jpg

     Height: Tall      
     Weight: Heavy        
     Foot Size: Huge         
     Hometown: Prescott Valley, Arizona         
     Favorite Movie: 101 Dalmatians         

     Favorite Television Show: Anything on Animal Planet         
     Favorite Musician: Andrew W.K.       
     Favorite Song: It Just Got Hotter by Andrew W.K.        
     Favorite Book: Clifford the Big Red Dog         
     Favorite Car: Zamboni         
     Favorite Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo         
     Favorite Professional Sports Team: The Arizona Sundogs

Hi, I’m Burnie, mascot for the Arizona Sundogs Hockey Team!

Every week you'll see me somewhere in the community, whether it's at a school, charity or special town event.  I love meeting Arizona Sundogs fans and making them smile.  When I'm not doing that I like to watch Arizona Sundogs hockey games, chase my tail, sniff out fire hydrants, terrorize the mailman and fetch pucks. 

Burnie the Sundog is available for community events, birthday parties and appearances. For more information or to schedule an appearance please call (928) 759-6600 or e-mail